Superintendent Message to Community

We are checking in on all of you.

Yesterday was filled with more emotions than most of us can acknowledge all at once.  When there is a loss of a child, a student, and/or a friend, grief, pain, confusion, angst, resentment, sorrow, etc… all become one overwhelming moment in time. We embraced each other in East Bridgewater and our friends from the Whitman-Hanson School community and we will continue to do so today, tomorrow and beyond.

I, too, am filled with sadness, however there are also feelings of hope and encouragement this morning.  In the wake of this tragedy our seniors attended their senior prom.  The success of this event demonstrated our community's resilience through our understanding of empathy and friendship. The capacity and strength of our staff to support our students through the difficulties and still celebrate life, was inspirational. I invite everyone to feel that same communal Viking Pride for our students, our staff, and our families as we all traverse this delicate avenue of life.

To our Viking Families and extended community: Please use EBPS for any support you feel you may need…We Are Here!  Our support staff are trained professionals, here to provide any and all support needed for the community. I am also encouraged and hopeful for the Senior stroll today.  As our seniors participate in one of our most valued Viking traditions, I expect our students, teachers, former teachers, administrators, and community participants will smile just a little bigger, as our seniors become hero’s to our little Vikings!

Graduation is Friday and like our other rights of passage it will be filled with a myriad of emotions and our communal Viking Pride! Let us walk hand and hand regardless of our differences and continue to show our students that when life is unpredictable, communities gather, embrace and grow together! It takes a Village!

We are here, we are ready, and we won’t let you down.


Superintendent Liz Legault