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Central School Preschool

We believe that students should be taught in a regular, integrated classroom where they can benefit from interactions with other students their age, both handicapped and non-handicapped.  We believe this is best provided within a trans-disciplinary model.  When therapeutic interventions are needed, these should be provided within the integrated classroom setting so that all staff personnel will be familiar with the specific activities which will enhance each child's development.
The role of the the therapist should be to evaluate and diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of each child as they pertain to the preschool curriculum.  In a collaborative effort,  the therapists will work with the preschool staff to incorporate therapies into curriculum activities designed to strengthen each child's individual area of need.  All activities should be carried out within the integrated classroom setting.
The integrated philosophy plans for the developmental levels of all children and emphasizes individual planning to address the wide range of developmental levels in each classroom.  This curriculum is based on the belief that preschool children learn best through direct experiences with their world rather than through abstract rules and concepts.  Through ongoing interactions with adults and other children, preschoolers develop important social, language, and cognitive skills.
This curriculum is designed to meet all student needs in a concrete, play oriented manner.  It is implemented with attention to all the different needs interests and developmental levels of each child in the program.
The environment is structured to allow the children to learn through an active interaction and exploration with all materials.  The learning activities are concrete, real and relevant to real life situations.  Since children need years of playing with real objects before being exposed to abstract symbols, the room is structured in such a way to make all materials accessible and inviting. 
The integrated curriculum emphasizes language activities and movement.  All the materials used reflect these skills.  Materials that provide for a wide-range of multi-cultural, non-sexist activities will enhance each child's self esteem and expand their knowledge of the ways of others outside their own world.  The classroom offers a wide variety of these materials.
The curriculum provides a balance of restful and movement activities for the children throughout the session.  Schedules are flexible enough to allow for special events or for extended time for an interesting topic.  Whenever, possible, activities that are noisy and quiet will be alternated to keep interest at the highest level.
Since the growth of large muscles is so important to development at this age, there is time in the curricula for exploration of large motor equipment and outdoor space, whenever possible.  Specific areas of development that will be addressed are : social/emotional, cognitive, language, and fine gross motor development.
(This program is based on the N.A.E.Y.C. definition of a developmental program.)
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